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Analyzing Appliance Repair Service Costs

You would have a hard time keeping your home together without functional home appliances. From your laundry room to your kitchen, these appliances are key to making your life easier, saving you time when completing essential household tasks. That’s why it’s incredibly frustrating when any of your appliances malfunction. From a freezer that won’t keep your food cool to a dryer that still leaves your clothes wet, these are just some scenarios you might dread confronting. 

When these issues arise, your best option is to call an appliance repair technician for help. Understandably, you might be wary of paying for professional services, especially if you’re someone who likes to be self-reliant. Before attempting your own appliance repairs, consider the appliance repair service costs first.

Appliance Repair Service Costs: Contributing Factors

Knowing about the likely appliance repair service costs will allow you to feel better about relying on a professional to nip any and all problems in the bud. Before diving into specific appliance repair service costs, you want to take cost factors into consideration. Aside from the type of appliance requiring repairs, the location of the appliance in your home will also determine the total cost.

The location impacts costs because the more difficult it is for a technician to access an appliance for repairs, the more expensive it will be since obtaining that access will require more time and resources. Finally, the source of energy powering the appliance can also impact how much you will pay for repairs. According to experts, electric appliances are cheaper to repair than gas ones. Solar-powered appliances will be the most expensive because being able to address appliances using this kind of energy requires a specialized skill set.

However, it is possible to save money on these services if you have appliance coverage. With the right appliance coverage, your home warranty will be able to pay for the repairs. If you don’t already have this coverage, look into obtaining it as soon as possible so you can save as much as possible for your next appliance repair service.

Analyzing Appliance Repair Service Costs

Now that you understand the contributing factors to appliance repair service costs, it’s time to take a closer look at the cost of repairing specific home appliances. According to experts, washers and dryers, refrigerators and freezers, dishwashers, garbage disposals, and ovens and stoves need the most repairs, so we will examine those repair costs. 

Washer And Dryer Repair Costs

The price range for washer and dryer repairs is considerably wide, costing anywhere from $100 to up to $650. However, the national average cost tends to come out at $300. Motor and drum issues that could lead to replacement will result in a more expensive repair bill. Repairs addressing issues with pumps, the drive belt, seals, bearings, shock absorbers, heating elements, and other parts might cost up to $400.

Refrigerator And Freezer Repair Costs

Refrigerator repairs can average either $350 or $400 at most for severe repairs, such as control board problems, while minor repairs can cost as little as $40. Where freezer repairs are concerned, they can cost as little as $90 and as much as $500 due to having more complicated technology than refrigerators. Just like refrigerators, freezer control board issues will also be the most expensive to address. 

Dishwasher Repair Costs

An average total of $200-$220 makes dishwasher repairs one of the more reasonable appliance repair service costs. Motor and pump issues account for most repairs for this appliance and can sometimes go above the average total cost. Problems with draining are more likely to be less expensive than the average total where appliance repair service costs for dishwashers are concerned.

Garbage Disposal Repair Costs

Your kitchen would be a mess without the assistance of your garbage disposal, so ensuring it gets repaired in a timely manner is vital. However, you might save more money in the long run by outright replacing it, especially if your garbage disposal is over eight years old. While repairs are inexpensive, paying for a replacement will keep you from spending money on constant repairs that could end up becoming more costly over time. Replacing a garbage disposal costs $200-$500, so paying for this replacement once will be more cost-effective than repeatedly paying for $70-$300 repairs. 

Oven And Stove Repair Costs

The average cost of oven and stove repairs falls between $250-$300, while the price range itself is typically $100-$400, with stoves usually being cheaper to repair than ovens. Gaskets, heating elements, and doors tend to be the most common repair services offered for these appliances. The cheapest repairs for a stove involve switches and burner coils, while glass stovetop replacements are the most expensive service provided for stoves.

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